SECURIFROST is a lockable, retractable roller shutters for refrigerated display cases that help keep product secure inside the case and to reduce energy consumption.

Available in hard-shell units or fabric covers with a lockable handle, SECURIFROST provides food retailers and foodservice operations with a convenient built-in device to deter theft and improve energy efficiency

Existing Product:Original ECONOFROST night covers have been further developed to now include the SECURIFROST security cover product line.

New Foodservice Application

SECURIFROST is available for closing off access in the open style merchandising cases that carry such products as “grab-n-go” prepared foods, beverages, and liquor and which are typically located in public areas or are subject to licensing and operating hours restrictions

비용 절감

SECURIFROST benefits retailers wanting to reduce their shrink costs from loss of product due to theft and spoilage. The lockable anti-theft cover helps deter opportunist pilferage, and the night cover feature helps maintain core temperatures inside the display case and thus protects product integrity.

Labor savings are realized through reduced overnight reload/ unloading tasks.

SECURIFROST is integrated into the display case’s fabrication and rolls up and out of sight when not in use. It is a factory installed product and can be designed to fit the “look” required in display case applications.

ECONOFROST’s additional product line – SECURIFROST security cover provides display case equipment manufacturers integrated components for bringing new solutions to meet food retailer’s requirements for security, product integrity, and energy savings.