How to optimize energy efficiency for refrigerated food displays.

Stabilizing overnight temperatures in food display cabinets while a store is closed completes a food store’s successful energy efficiency program. Econofrost is attending the world’s largest HVAC&R exposition to show the world of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration technologies just how easy it is for any retail food store to reduce costs of operating expensive refrigerated food merchandisers by installing their quality reflective night covers. Locate Econofrost at the AHR Expo, January 26-28, 2009, in booth 6243 in the South Hall, at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, side by side with Promolux Lighting International. Econofrost attends Expo to show their green and simple night curtains to the commercial food industry, particularly refrigeration equipment companies and display case manufacturers and dealers.

Large and small supermarkets reduce their energy output and decrease deterioration of perishable goods on display with Econofrost thermal blinds that reflect heat, trap cold air, and stabilize temperatures. Meat, seafood, dairy and flower displays exposed to dry air, heat and light radiation during the day stay fresh longer when they are stored in optimal temperature and humidity conditions while the store is closed

Look for the Econofrost booth to discuss your needs. Representative Jamie Orr explains that savings from improved energy efficiency can amount to more than the full cost of the Econofrost installation in a matter of weeks or months, and utility company rebates for energy efficient technologies are available in some jurisdictions to further improve an energy-conscious store’s payback on investment.

Econofrost night curtains are easily installed in existing supermarket merchandisers or can be included in orders for new equipment from refrigerated display equipment manufacturers such as Hussmann, Tyler/Carrier, Hill Phoenix, Master-Bilt, Barker, Southern Stores Fixtures and many others. Econofrost has been serving the supermarket industry since 1975 and has made over 250,000 night cover installations in nearly 30 countries. Market Group Ventures, Inc., the parent corporation for Econofrost and Promolux Lighting International, is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions for merchandisers.