Did you know that stores can save money and energy by using night covers on commercial refrigerated cases during stores closed hours, and the effect on the environment is considerable.

If your grocery store, convenience store or supermarket is trying to become more energy efficient or you are considering alternatives that will save money and have an eco-friendly impact on the environment, then using energy saving night covers on commercial refrigeration equipment is definitely one way to accomplish this goal. Thermal night blinds are a wise and cost-effective option. They will be an important component of your energy management system.

There are many reasons to use night covers in refrigerated cases and the list below shows just a few of these.

– Night covers conserve energy

– Thermal night blinds blocks heat and light

– Night covers help maintain cooler temperatures

– A stable temperature helps meet food safety requirements

– Thermal night blinds help keep perishables fresh

– Night covers increase shelf life

– Night blinds help a refrigeration system operates more efficiently

– Night covers lessen energy consumption

– Night covers decrease maintenance costs

– Night blinds help food retailers reduce overhead and save money

– Thermal night blinds help sustain the integrity of merchandise

– Night blinds protect products in case of a power failure

Critical to the survival of a retail food business are food safety and sustainability. Installing night covers on your open grocery display cases helps to keep food safe and fresh because the temperature is kept balanced. As the cold air continues to circulate in the refrigerated cases and warm air and light is deflected away, this protects perishable products. This results in less energy being required to sustain the temperature during the night. Grocery outlets are able to decrease their impact on the environment by decreasing energy consumption and electricity and will save money on their electric bills. When you consider buying night covers, look at what’s available for retrofit models.

One of the most effective thermal barriers are night blinds that employ woven aluminum in their design. Night blinds are usually installed on open refrigerator display cases, by supplying a thermal barrier that protects refrigerated foods from heat and light. These covers are pulled down at night, like blinds, trapping cold air inside the case, and pulled up before the store opens in the morning. More and more grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores have started using night covers in their efforts to reduce costs.

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